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Gradtech attends TAQNYA EXPO 2013 - The 7th Annual Telecommunication and Information Technology Exhibition – Tripoli, Libya.

22nd – 24th January 2013

As part of a wider policy aimed at improving public and private sector training programmes in Libya, Gradtech were invited by the Libyan Association for Technology to attend the annual Telecommunications exhibition.

The Exhibition took place at Tripoli International Fair and was held between 22nd – 24th January.

TAQNAYA Expo 2013 has been particularly successful in attracting a cross-section of participants from all regions of Libya from both the private and public sectors. This is as much a reflection of the stress placed on quality of service in telecoms in Libya, as it is a reflection of the high quality of exhibitors participating in the Expo.

Such an International platform enabled GCL to hold meetings, numerous discussions and agreements of cooperation’s with fellow exhibitors.

As well as requested representation on behalf of the Libyan Association for Technology, the principal purpose of participation at TANQYA EXPO 2013 was to support and broaden the links between Libya’s telecommunications sector and the international training sector.