1930 - 1958

A History in Philanthropic Development

Gradtech’s unswerving commitment to the development of the human resource quite possibly stems back to 20th century! The company’s forefathers were heavily involved in pre- and post-independent Libya’s creation of the Country’s long standing National Trust Fund (in Arabic: Awqaf).

The trust, or the Awqaf, was established to play an integral part in the socio-economic development of the Nation and specifically it’s youth. Throughout the Trust’s history endowments have been used to enhance all walks of social life with special care given to scholars and seekers of knowledge.

1961 - inauguration

Libya’s Oil & Gas Industry: The Beginning

The below images are a postal stamps part of Gradtech’s collection, commemorating the inauguration of the first petrol pipe line in Libya, dated to the 25th of October 1961. The first line that kept wealth pumping into the heart of the Libyan economy. The two round pipes show the oil well at Zelten and the seaport of Marsa Brega.

Marsa Brega was a small Mediterranean fishing village destroyed during World War II, it contained nothing but land mines. Since the Country’s first oil shipment there in 1961 it became the country’s major petrochemicals centre, the inception of an oil and gas technical training school soon followed after.

1992 - 1994

Precision Engineering: Gradtech’s Beginning

In 1992 Dr. Ahmed Subhi began research on precision engineering equipment for a chapter in his PhD thesis. This led him to Mitutoyo, a Japanese company that specalised in the field.

Research links with the Japanese developed and soon Dr. Ahmed Subhi became official representative of Mitutoyo in Libya, trading under the newly established Gradtech Consultants Limited.

1996 - 2002

Branching Out: Training

Gradtech’s work with Mitutoyo grew and further links were established with Mitutoyo UK.

Working in oil and gas enabled contact with all facets of the industry including training and development. In 1994 the International Office, University of Bradford asked Dr. A. Subhi to help with international recruitment within the MENA region, specifically Libya.

In 1996 Gradtech Consultants Limited offered their first specalised training course to the Libyan oil and gas industry.

2007 - Current

Capacity Building: Today’s Gradtech

Gradtech are working to become the provider of choice for skills training in many sectors within Libya, including oil and gas, education, security and healthcare, and to ensure that the professional, academic, training skills, abilities, and competencies developed within these sectors are maximised for the future of the Country’s economy.

Conglomerate years

A diversified Gradtech

The next chapter for Gradtech can best be described as the conglomerate years. From 2011, Gradtech acquired primary teaching centres and had a managed portfolio that included the supply of well-known Italian children’s clothing brands.

Gradtech’s service lines involve:

- Sector based


- Precision engineering
- Advisory
- Industrial equipment & supplies


- Children’s clothing