Gradtech News

Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX) Dubai 2008

2-5 April 2008

With representative request from Queens University Belfast, the 16th GETEX was attended by Gradtech Consultants Limited (GCL).

Over 25,000 visitors, including 15,000 students, visited the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX) Dubai 2008 (from 2nd of April to the 5th of April). Such an Expo has been particularly successful in attracting a cross-section of students from all nationalities living in the region. This is as much a reflection of the stress placed on quality education in the region, as it is a reflection of the high quality of exhibitors participating in the Expo.

Such an International platform enabled GCL to hold meetings, numerous discussions and agreements of cooperations with fellow exhibitors from the world of academia.

As well requested representation on behalf of our partners, Queens University Belfast,
The principal purpose of participation at GETEX was to support and broaden our links within the Gulf Region academic sector, and indeed due to GETEX international perspective/exposure, other global institutions.

Further discussions with the following institutions:

  • Advanced Studies and Training Centre (UAE),
  • American University of Antigua (USA),
  • Boston University Metropolitan College (Belgium),
  • Drenthe University (Netherlands),
  • Indiana University (USA),
  • MANCOSA (South Africa),
  • Michigan State University (USA),
  • North Carolina State University (USA),
  • Simon Fraser University (Canada),
  • University of Malta,
  • University of South Africa,

Were undertaken and agreements were reached in regard to the following topics:

  • The commencement of the process that would facilitate a greatly productive agenda of corporation with the above educational institutions.
  • Promoting and commencing direct academic contact within these partnership programs through the process of staff visitation.
  • Technology transfer through the partnership programs.