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GCL & Al-Maktoum Institute visit Libya

15-18 March 2010

As part of Al-Maktoum Institute’s five-year strategic plan; Mr A.G. Abubaker of Al-Maktoum Institute and Dr A. Subhi of Gradtech Consultants Limited (GCL), exclusive Libyan representative, embarked on a visit to Libya. The overriding purpose of the visit was to reinforce Al-Maktoum’s links within the Libyan academic sector, expand the institute’s international visibility and to ultimately strengthen its current recruitment market.

The trip included a visit to the World Islamic Call Society (W.I.C.S). There, they were received by the Dean, Dr. Mohamed Zaidi. A tour of the Call’s headquarters, including a visit to a class was included in the schedule. Al-Tawasul Channel, affiliated to the World Islamic Call Society, organised a thirty minute interview with Mr A.G. Abubaker. This provided a useful platform to promote Al-Maktoum to the Libyan market.

The trip to Libya also included a visit to Al Asmariya University for Islamic Sciences, there Dr A. Subhi and Mr A.G. Abubaker were given a tour of the Zliten campus, 120km southeast of Tripoli. Discussions were undertaken with the head of department, Dr. Ahmed Abuhajar. An agreement was reached in regards to the commencement of the process that would facilitate a highly fruitful program of partnership.

“This was a good opportunity for Al-Maktoum to implement their Strategic Plan and expand their links in Libya,”
said GCL General Manager, Dr A. Subhi. “The trip was enlightening and included key visits to two very important Libyan organisations. W.I.C.S is a leading international entity aimed at promoting interfaith and co-existence. Al Asmariya University is Libya’s largest public university that specialises in Islamic sciences.

Both visits will give Al-Maktoum the opportunity to create new links with similar organisations and develop partnership programs. It is also an opportunity for the Institute to promote its benefits to prospective students.”