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Gradtech entourage visits Libya

January 2013

Gradtech and Dr Dan Mullarkey from the Central Examining Board visited Libya for the organised 5-day Human Resource Management seminar.
The seminar carried four key themes around people management, teams, empowerment and harnessing talent. Al-Safeer Training Centre in Zawiya, Libya hosted the five-day event.

Dr Dan was well received and he enjoyed the active response from the participating candidates.

Key discussions between Al-Safeer and Gradtech were held, specifically with regards to the commencement of the process that would facilitate a highly fruitful program of partnerships in the fields of professional English language training and other multidisciplinary programmes.

The latter stages of Gradtech’s visit included a seminar held at Al Bayan Technical Consultancy and Training titled: Strategic HRM. The seminar had been particularly successful in attracting a diverse range of participants and key decision makers from several sectors, including banking and finance, healthcare, energy and tourism.